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IVI-C Page, IVI-COM Driver Settings

The IVI-C Page is used to enable or disable the generation of an IVI-C wrapper for the IVI-COM driver.

Add/Remove button

Use this button to enable/disable generation of the IVI-C wrapper.

IVI-C prefix

If IVI-C wrapper generation is enabled, this setting controls the IVI-C prefix for the driver. This prefix is very important as it controls the name of many items associated with the driver. The driver DLL itself will be named using this prefix, overriding the DLL name that would result from using the IVI-COM project name. The names of all IVI-C functions and attributes begin with this prefix. Additionally, the driver install location is governed by the prefix chosen here.

Important note Important

The IVI specifications require that the first two letters of this prefix match the official two-letter abbreviation assigned to the driver vendor by the IVI Foundation in the specification "VPP-9: Instrument Vendor Abbreviations" . If the driver vendor does not have an assigned two-letter prefix, one can be obtained from the IVI Foundation. Visit the IVI Foundation website for details.

IVI-C instrument class

Unlike IVI-COM drivers, IVI-C drivers can only support a single instrument class. This is a fundamental limitation of all IVI-C drivers and stems from the fact that IVI-C attributes are defined with numeric identifiers that are not unique across the various instrument classes. See the IVI Backgrounder section on Interchangeability for more information on this IVI-C limitation.

This setting selects which of the supported IVI-COM driver instrument classes should be supported by the IVI-C driver.

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