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Instrument Classes Page, IVI-COM Driver Settings

The Instrument Classes Page of the Driver Settings Editors allows you to select which instrument classes will be supported by the driver. Nimbus performs a number of roundtripping operations based upon the selected instrument classes. Adding instrument classes by clicking the Add button in the list of Available instrument classes instructs Nimbus to add numerous items to the driver project.

Important note Important

By default, all of the class capability groups defined by a selected instrument class are marked as being supported by the driver. After adding an instrument class to the driver, it is important to visit the Capability Groups Page of the Driver Settings Editor to select the appropriate capability groups.

Available instrument classes

List of installed instrument classes that are available to be implemented by the driver. This list appearing here corresponds to the set of instrument class project files (.iviproj) installed in the NimbusInstallDir\IviInstrumentClasses folder.

Important note Important

Unlike IVI-COM drivers, IVI-C drivers can only support a single instrument class. This is a fundamental limitation of all IVI-C drivers and stems from the fact that IVI-C attributes are defined with numeric identifiers that are not unique across the various instrument classes. See the IVI Backgrounder section on Interchangeability for more information on this IVI-C limitation.

If more than one instrument class is implemented by the IVI-COM driver, then the one that you wish to support in the IVI-C driver must be selected via the IVI-C Page of the Driver Settings Editor.

Implemented instrument classes

Displays the list of instrument classes already implemented by the driver. The classes listed here do not appear in the list of Available instrument classes.

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