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MATLAB Page, IVI-COM Driver Settings

The MATLAB Page allows you to enable or disable the generation of a MATLAB® wrapper for the IVI-COM driver. All of the type names used in the MATLAB wrapper are based on the IVI-COM driver name, so no other settings are required.

Add/Remove button

Use this button to enable/disable generation of the MATLAB wrapper.

When MATLAB wrapper generation is enabled, Nimbus generates a specially formatted series of files with a .m extension. These .m files are integrated with the driver installer so that when the installer is on a machine with MATLAB available, the installer deploys the .m file in a location recognized by the MATLAB environment. This allows the driver to be used within MATLAB as if it were a native MATLAB class

Primary instrument class

If the underlying IVI-COM driver supports more than one instrument class, one instrument class must be chosen as the primary MATLAB instrument class. The generated MATLAB wrapper will derive from the corresponding MATLAB class. The other instrument classes supported by the driver will be accessible via reference properties.

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