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IVI-COM Parameter General Editor


Name of the parameter. Parameter names must start with a capital letter and can contain only alphanumeric characters.


Data type of the method. Right-click on the Type text box to bring up a context menu of types.

If an array is desired, append opening and closing square brakets ([]) to the type name. For example, to specify an array of double, enter Double[].


Choose the Input to specify an input parameter.

Choose the Output to specify an output parameter.

Choose the Input/Output to specify an output parameter.

Important note Important

As per the IVI specifications, Nimbus generates [in, out] in the IDL method signature if either Output or Input/Output is specified. This is as per the IVI specifications. However, it is important to properly indicate the "logical" direction of the parameter here See the topic Understanding Parameter Direction for a detailed discussion of output parameters in IVI-COM drivers.

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