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IVI-COM Error Editor


Specifies the name of the error. The name must be all uppercase and having the following form:


Example: E_ACME4321_BAD_DATA


Specifies the numeric value of the COM error HRESULT. As per the IVI specifications, all IVI-COM instrument-specific error codes have a base value of 0x80044000. This value appears as a read-only text box. The driver developer specifies the offset added to this base in the read-write text box. The resulting HRESULT value for the error is the sum of these two.


This string will be formatted and placed in the COM error object so that client applications receive a textual description of the error.

The message can contain replacement tags (%1, %2, etc.) used to insert runtime values into the error message. For example, consider the following message definition:

Method %1 failed to switch to mode %2.

When the error is fired from within the driver using the error reporter object, the developer supplies runtime values for the two replacement tags to produce a final message that would look similar to the following.

Method Configure failed to switch to mode CDMA.

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