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LXI Compliance Page, New IVI-COM Driver Wizard

The LXI Compliance Page of the New IVI-COM Driver Wizard allows you to select whether the instruments support LXI and which LXI extension groups are supported. Based upon the selections made here, Nimbus automatically creates a project with the appropriate LXI repeated capabilities and repeated capability names and the required IviLxiSync functions and attributes.

Note Note

It is not necessary to decide upon the degress of LXI compliance when running the wizard. Support for LXI can be added and removed at any stage of development using commands available within the IDE. See the topic Adding Support for LXI for more information.


Indicates whether the driver supports any level of LXI conformance. No modifications are performed based on this selection alone, but by selecting LXI Core 2016, the checkboxes for the various LXI-defined extension groups become enabled and selecting those extension groups does cause Nimbus to modify the driver code.

LXI Extension Groups

Selecting any of the LXI-defined extension groups adds the IviLxiSync functions, attributes, and repeated capabilities to the driver.

For the added repeated capabilities, Nimbus adds the LXI-defined repeated capability names for LAN triggers (LAN0...7).

If LXI Wired Trigger Bus is selected, Nimbus adds LXI-defined repeated capability names for the LXI hardware trigger lines (LXI0...7).

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