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Adding Support for LXI

The level of LXI compliance supported by the driver can be changed at any stage of development. Nimbus performs a number of roundtripping operations based upon the specific level of LXI compliance chosen. For example, changing the conformance from None to LXI Core 2016 and adding support for LXI Event Messaging adds several repeated capabilities to the driver as well as a host of methods, properties, and interfaces. Correspondingly, decreasing the level of compliance will cause Nimbus to remove code from the project.

Caution note Caution

When decreasing the level of LXI compliance, Nimbus removes implementation and test code from the project. It is important to ensure that no code of interest exists in the LXI-related implementation and test files before changing the driver to support a lower level of LXI compliance.

To adjust the LXI support level

  1. From Solution Explorer, double-click the Driver Settings Editor node to bring up the Driver Settings Editor.

  2. Click on the LXI tab of the Driver Settings Editor that is displayed.

    This page allows you to change the level of LXI support offered by your driver. Refer to this page for a complete description of these options.

    Note Note

    Changing the level of LXI support is a fairly major operation. As a result, you may be prompted to confirm that you wish to proceed before the requested changes are applied to your driver project.

Tip Tip

If the IviLxiSync interfaces contain a repeated capability that represents the same physical repeated capability as one already defined in the driver, then you may want to merge the repeated capabilities.

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