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Adding a Repeated Capability

Repeated capabilities allow the driver to expose duplicate functionality in an instrument using IVI-defined functions and conventions. For instance, a single set of methods and properties can be defined for operating on a series of channels in an oscillscope. IVI terms this duplicate functionality a repeated capability.

For a complete discussion of repeated capabilities, see the IVI Backgrounder topic entitled Repeated Capabilities.

Nimbus provides two ways to initiate the process of adding a new repeated capability to a driver, each of which is described in detail below.

To add a repeated capability to the main driver interface

  1. From Solution Explorer, expand the Nimbus node.

  2. Right-click on the Repeated Capabilities node.

  3. Choose Add Repeated Capability...

  4. The Add Repeated Capability Wizard appears.

  5. Follow the steps outlined below for using the Add Repeated Capability Wizard.

To add a repeated capability at an arbitrary location within the driver's interface hierarchy

  1. From Solution Explorer, double-click the Driver Designer node under the Nimbus node.

  2. The IVI.NET Driver Designer tree view opens.

  3. Expand the root node, which will be named after the driver assembly (e.g.: Acme.Acme4321).

  4. Expand the Hierarchy node.

  5. Locate the interface reference property where you would like to add the new repeated capability.

  6. Right-click on the selected interface reference property and choose the Add Child Repeated Capability....

  7. The Add Repeated Capability Dialog appears.

  8. Follow the steps outlined below for using the Add Repeated Capability Dialog.

The remaining topics in this section discuss each wizard page separately.

Tip Tip

After adding a repeated capability using the dialog, you can bring up the Repeated Capabilities Editor by double-clicking the Driver Settings Editor node in Solution Explorer and choosing the Repeated Capabilities tab. The Repeated Capabilities Editor allows you to view and edit characteristics of all driver repeated capabilities, such as the physical names defined for each repeated capability.

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