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Building the Driver Installer

If Nimbus created the IVI.NET driver setup project when the IVI.NET driver solution was created (a setting that can be controlled via per-user preferences), the driver setup project will not be built automatically whenever you build the IVI.NET driver solution.

Building the driver installer

  1. Right click on the driver setup project in the Solution Explorer.

  2. Select Build.

If you add a setup project to a solution at a later time, Visual Studio will automatically include that project in the default build configuration, and the driver setup project will be built each time the solution is built. To change this, right click on the root solution node in the Solution Explorer, select Configuration Manager, and exclude the driver setup project from the default build configuration.

Whenever a driver setup project is built, the resulting .msi file will be located in the <solutionFolder>\build\<configuration>\<platform> directory, where <configuration> is the active build configuration (e.g. debug or release) and <platform> is the active build platform (e.g. x86 or x64).

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