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Adding a Child Branch

IVI-C drivers are arranged in a hierarchy of functions and attributes by managing two special files defined by the IVI specifications -- the function panel file (<prefix>.fp) and the attribute information file (<prefix>.sub). The exported functions and #define macros (for attributes) in the <prefix>.h file are simply a flat list from the client programmer's perspective. But, these .fp and .sub files are understood by various ADEs and can greatly simplify working with IVI-C driver APIs.

Nimbus uses the term branch to refer to a level of hierarchy an IVI-C driver.

To add a child branch to a driver

  1. From Solution Explorer, double-click the Driver Designer node under the Nimbus node.

  2. The IVI-C Driver Designer tree view opens.

  3. Expand the root node.

  4. Right-click on the desired location within the hierarchy and choose Add Child Branch. You can add a new child branch directly below the root node or at any level in the hierarchy.

  5. A new branch node is added with a default name and the tree node enters edit mode. Type the desired name for the branch and hit the Enter key.

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