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Adding a Parameter

To add a parameter to a function

  1. Right-click on the function in the IVI-C Driver Designer tree view and choose Add Parameter.

  2. A new parameter is added with a default name and the tree node enters edit mode. By default the parameter type is ViReal64.

  3. With the parameter node still in edit mode, type the desired name of the parameter followed by a colon (:) followed by the name of the desired type, and hit the Enter key. The colon and type can be excluded if the desired type is ViReal64.

    Any of the following data types may be entered as a parameter type:

    • Boolean

    • String

    • Byte

    • Int16

    • Int32

    • Int64

    • Single

    • Double

    • Any enum defined in the driver.

    • An array of any of the above -- designated by appending opening and closing square brackets ([]) to the type name.

      Example: Enter double[] for an array of double-precision floating-pointer numbers.

    When choosing a parameter name, the following naming rules apply:

    • The name must be unique within its parent function.

    • The name must contain only alphanumeric characters.

    • Spaces are not allowed.

    • The name must begin with a capital letter.

  4. After the parameter is added, the IVI-C Parameter General Editor appears in the right portion of the IVI-C Designer. See the help topic for that Item Editor for details on defining the parameter further.

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