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Add Repeated Capability Dialog

For a complete discussion of repeated capabilities, see the IVI Backgrounder topic entitled Repeated Capabilities.


Specifies the repeated capability name. This name serves as a unique identifier for the repeated capability. The name chosen here is used registered by the driver installer in the IVI Configuration Store. In addition, the name chosen here is used as a base name for the following items:

  • I<driverName><repCapName> interface - the repeated capability interface on which the repeated capability methods and properties will be defined.

  • I<driverName><repCapName>Collection interface - (collection-style only) - collection interface on which the Count, Item, and Name properties will be defined.

  • repCapName>s property- (collection-style only) - reference property pointing to the repeated capability collection interface.

  • <driverName>repCapName> class - (collection-style only) - class added to the driver source code for implementing the repeated capability methods and properties.

  • <driverName>repCapName>Collection class - (collection-style only) - class added to the driver source code for implementing the repeated capability collection interface.

  • repCapName> property - (selector and parameter-style only) - reference property pointing to the repeated capability interface.

For example, if the name Channel is chosen for a collection-style repeated capability on a driver named Acme4321, then the following items would be created:

  • An IAcme4321Channel interface (defined in Interfaces.cs).

  • An IAcme4321ChannelCollection interface (defined in Interfaces.cs).

  • A property Channels that points to the IAcme4321ChannelCollection interface.

  • An IAcme4321Channels.Item property that returns an IAcme4321Channel interface.

  • An Acme4321Channel implementation class (defined in Acme4321Channel.cs).

  • An Acme4321ChannelCollection implementation class (defined in Acme4321ChannelCollection.cs).


The parent repeated capability, if this is a nested repeated capability, or (none) otherwise. This is a read-only field, as the parent is determined by where the repeated capability was added in the driver hierarchy or by the parent repeated capability that was selected when the dialog was initiated.


The type of repeated capability to be added to the driver.

A discussion of the three types of IVI repeated capabilities can be found in the topic Repeated Capabilities.

Physical names are dynamically added at initialization time

Indicates if the driver supports dynamic repeated capability names. Dynamic repeated capabilities allow the driver to decide at runtime what repeated capability names the driver supports, often based on information it reads from the instrument during the driver's initialization sequence.

If checked, an override of the function GetDynamicRepCapNames(String, IListString) must be manually added to the appropriate class in the driver project. See the topic Implementing Dynamic Repeated Capabilities for detailed information on using this function.

Use qualified physical names

Repeated capabilities can be configured to use either qualified or unqualified physical names when registering names in the IVI Configuration Store and when returning physical name strings from the driver functions.

Typically this can be left unchecked. It is intended for scenarios where the physical names defined for this repeated capability collide with physical names used in other repeated capabilities in the driver.

Physical names

Use the Add, Remove, and Edit buttons to manage the list of physical names to associate with the repeated capability. The names entered here represent the static repeated capability instances -- that is, they will be available irrespective of what is discovered about the connected instrument at runtime. The names added here will be registered with the IVI Configuration Store by the driver installer.

Tip Tip

Use '-' to specify a range of physical names. For example, entering Channel(1-3) is equivalent to creating three separate entries: Channel1, Channel2, and Channel3. The range must follow the base name and be enclosed in parentheses. The beginning value in the range must be smaller than the end value.

Tip Tip

To modify the list of physical names after running the wizard, double-click the Driver Settings Editor node in Solution Explorer and choose the Repeated Capabilities tab from Driver Settings Editor, editor that appears.

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