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Closes the I/O connection with the instrument.

virtual ViStatus CloseIO();

ViStatus CloseIO(ViSession Vi);

[in] ViSession handle for the driver session.

Return Value

Returns a VI_SUCCESS if the operation was successful or a failure ViStatus otherwise.


This function is automatically called as part of driver shutdown and is used to sever the I/O connection with the instrument. By default, Nimbus uses the VISA library viClose function to sever the connection with the instrument.

Important note Important

This function must be overridden for non-VISA-based drivers to perform custom I/O shutdown and to release any custom I/O resources.


The following code demonstrates how to override the CloseIO function:

// DriverSession.h
class Acme4321DriverSession : public DriverSession
    Acme4321DriverSession(ViSession handle)
        : DriverSession(handle, 2000, 2000, 2000, false, 1000)

    virtual ViStatus CloseIO() override
        // We're still using VISA, so we delegate to the base class, but then we perform custom post-processing.
        // Non-VISA-based drivers would override in a similar fashion but *not* delegate to the base.  Rather,
        // they would perform a custom operation such as invoking functions on a helper DLL specific to the
        // I/O protocol in use.
        auto status = __super::CloseIO();

        // ... free up additional driver specific resources.

        return status;

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