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IVI-C Function General Editor


Name of the function. Function names must start with a capital letter and can contain only alphanumeric characters.


Display name that will be used to identify the function in the function tree.

Repeated capability

The repeated capability with which the function is associated.


Choosing the Automatic option instructs Nimbus to automatically generate all of the implementation code needed to implement the IVI-C function by delegating to the associated IVI-COM method. The function implementation will be generated in the <prefix>.nimbus.cpp file. Note that the Automatic implementation option is not available for IVI-C only functions.

Choosing the Manual option requires the driver developer to provide the function implementation. Nimbus will add a stub implementation in the <prefix>.cpp file.

Caution note Caution

When the Implementation setting is changed from Manual to Automatic, Nimbus deletes any manual implementation code in the <prefix>.cpp file. It is important that no code of interest remains in the manual function implementation in the <prefix>.cpp when this setting is changed.

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