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Parameter General Editor


Name of the parameter. Parameter names must start with a capital letter and can contain only alphanumeric characters.


Data type of the method.

Generic types are supported. For information on how to use generic types, refer to Generics (C# Programming Guide)

If an array is desired, append opening and closing square brakets ([]) to the type name. For example, to specify an array of double, enter Double[].


Choose Input to specify an input parameter.

Choose Output to specify an output parameter.

Choose Input/Output to specify an input/output parameter.

Choose VarArgs (params) to specify a variable-length list of parameters.

Allow null

By default, the Nimbus Code Weaver will automatically generate parameter validation code that raises a NullReferenceException if null is passed for any reference-type parameters to this method. Checking this box causes Nimbus to decorate this parameter with a NullAllowed attribute, which suppresses the standard null reference check for this parameter without affecting null reference checking that may be performed for other parameters to this method.

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