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Required Visual Studio Configuration Changes

Before building an IVI.NET driver project, some configuration settings must be manually changed. The Visual Studio project system does not expose this functionality in a way that allows Nimbus to automatically perform these configuration changes, so this topic explains each step the driver developer must perform.

To configure the appropriate solution platforms

  1. From Solution Explorer, right click on the solution and choose Configuration Manager. The Configuration Manager Dialog Box appears.

  2. From the Active solution platform combo box, choose <Edit...>. The Edit Solution Platforms dialog box appears.

  3. The exact list of platforms listed depends upon which projects are present in your solution. The following shows the list of platforms that would appear if you selected all of the projects to be included when you ran the New IVI.NET Driver Wizard:

    • Any CPU

    • Mixed Platforms

    • x64

    • x86

  4. For most developers, only one or two solution platforms are needed. The recommended solution platforms to keep depend upon whether you are creating a linked IVI-C driver as part of the solution or simply creating an IVI.NET driver without a linked IVI-C driver.

    For solutions that have only an IVI.NET driver, typically only Mixed Platforms will be needed. Other solution platforms can be safely deleted.

    For solutions that have an IVI.NET driver and a linked IVI-C driver, both Mixed Platforms and x64 will typically be needed. Other solution platforms can be safely deleted.

  5. Close the Edit Solution Platforms dialog.

  6. From the Configuration Manager dialog, choose the Mixed Platforms platform from the Action solution platform combo box.

  7. Make sure that the Platform column setting and Build column setting for each project is set according to the table below. (Note the list of projects that appears depends upon the driver options chosen.)

    Important note Important

    It is important to make these setting changes for both Debug and Release configurations.








    Any CPU



    Any CPU






    Any CPU





  8. Use the Active solution configuration combo box to repeat the above settings for both Debug and Release configurations. The only difference between the Debug and Release configurations is that the Build column should be checked for the help and setup projects in the Release configuration. This makes it convenient in that these projects don't need to be built in the Debug configuration but will be built in Release mode.

  9. If the solution contains a linked IVI-C driver, then the above process should be repeated for the x64 solution platform. See the IVI-C driver topic Required Visual Studio Configuration Changes for the recommended IVI-C settings for the x64 solution platform.

Download a complete CHM version of this documentation here.