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Signing Microsoft Help Viewer Content

In order for help content to be viewed within the Microsoft Help Viewer, it must first be integrated into the local help library store. This integration step is performed by a separate application from Microsoft called the Help Library Manager, and may be performed automatically by Nimbus whenever a driver help project is built. Whether or not Nimbus runs the Help Library Manager to perform this integration is controlled via help project properties. If enabled, help content registration happens whenever the driver help project is built.

When the Help Library Manager runs, it will display a modal Security Alert dialog box if the help content being registered by Nimbus is not signed using a valid certificate. The driver help build operation will not complete until you respond to this dialog box by confirming that you trust the source of the content and wish to proceed. In order to prevent this dialog box from being displayed whenever a driver help project is built, you must provide Nimbus with the certificate thumbprint that uniquely identifies the certificate within your computer's local certificate store.

The steps outlined below explain how to use the Microsoft MMC snap-in to import a certificate into your local certificate store and then locate the thumbprint that can be used by Nimbus to access that certificate.

Signing Microsoft Help Viewer Driver Help Content

  1. Use the Microsoft MMC snap-in to import a certificate into your local per-user certificate store.

  2. After importing the certifiate, use the Microsoft MMC snap-in to retrieve the thumbprint of the certificate

  3. Once you have the certificate thumbprint copied to your clipboard, use the Visual Studio Solution Explorer to bring up the help project properties for the driver help project you wish to configure.

  4. Paste the retrieved thumbprint value into the Certificate thumbprint field on the General tab. A certificate thumbprint is an alphanumeric string of 40 characters.

    Note Note

    Note that per-user preferences for help projects can be used to configure the certificate thumbprint value once so that Nimbus can automatically supply the correct value for new driver help projects.

Once a valid certificate thumbprint has been provided for a driver help project, the Help Library Manager will no longer display any modal dialog boxes when the driver help project is built.

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