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Removes one or more physical names from a repeated capability.

static ViStatus RemovePhysicalNames(ViSession Vi, const std::string& strSelector);

[in] ViSession handle for the driver session.


[in] A repeated capability selector which can include virtual names, physical names, comma-separated lists of names and physical name ranges.

Return Value

Returns a VI_SUCCESS if the operation was successful or a failure ViStatus otherwise.


The RemovePhysicalNames function is used to remove physical names from a repeated capability. This can be useful for drivers that support dynamic repeated capabilities -- that is, repeated capabilities where the exact number of repeated capabilities is not know upfront or where the driver exposes functions that allow the end user to control the physical names present, as in the standard IVI-defined IviLxiSync API.

The strSelector parameter can include lists and ranges of physical names and is parsed and expanded according the the IVI-defined rules for repeated capability selectors, as presented in "IVI 3.1 Section 4.4.7 Formal Syntax for Repeated Capability Selectors".

Selectors have a general form such as the following:



The following example demonstrates how a developer might use the RemovePhysicalNames function to implement the RemoveArmSource function defined in the IviLxiSync API.

ViStatus _VI_FUNC acme_IviLxiSync_RemoveArmSource(ViSession Vi, ViConstString SourceName)
   auto status = VI_SUCCESS;

   status = ArmSource::RemovePhysicalNames(Vi, SourceName);

   return status;

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