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Nimbus Class Library

The Nimbus Class Library is a set of classes, interfaces, and other types that enable IVI.NET driver development. The source code generated by the Nimbus Driver Designer relies on the types defined in the Nimbus Class Library to implement the IVI.NET driver's properties, methods and events. Likewise, the Nimbus Code Weaver leverages implicit knowledge of the Nimbus Class Library in order to perform code weaving of an IVI.NET driver's properties, methods and events.

However, unlike traditional class libraries, which are distributed in separate .NET assemblies that other projects reference, the source code for the Nimbus Class Library is compiled directly into each IVI.NET driver assembly. This is accomplished using Visual Studio's standard linked files mechanism within each IVI.NET driver project, making the source code for the Nimbus Class Library appear in the Solution Explorer below the NCL folder within the IVI.NET driver project. This approach has the following important benefits:

  • The Nimbus Class Library does not introduce additional assembly dependencies that complicate IVI.NET driver deployment.

  • After being tested and deployed to the field, Nimbus IVI.NET drivers are isolated from any future changes to the Nimbus Class Library that may be installed on a driver developer's machine by a subsequent Nimbus upgrade.

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